In Curriculum

In curriculum activities are designed to directly relate to and support the achievement of the course learning outcomes.

UNSW Careers offers the following support and options to embed employability and career development into the curriculum.

Session plans and assessment templates

Contact the UNSW Careers team for sample session plans and advice for the best option for your degree program or course.

Online modules

UNSW Careers have developed the following online modules that can be embedded into your course:

  • Resumes and cover letters
  • Preparing for and attending interviews

We are continually developing new online content and will publish new modules when available on this page.

In class activities

Ideas for in-class activities include:

  • Interviewing a professional working in the field
  • Writing reflection statements based on their analysis of their career goals
  • Analysing job advertisements
  • Writing a resume or cover letter in response to a job advertisement
  • Conducting a mock interview
  • Creating an online profile
  • Creating a networking strategy

Assessment support tools

UNSW Resume Checker is an online tool that students can use to receive real time, immediate feedback on their resume. This tool can be used within your course to provide detailed feedback to students on their resume as part of an assessment or activity within your course.

Contact UNSW Careers

Guest lectures

The Careers team are able to work with you to deliver sessions in class to support your course learning outcomes. Examples of sessions delivered in the past include:

  • Introduction to career planning
  • Personal branding and professional identity
  • Online and in person networking
  • Resumes, cover letters and addressing selection criteria
  • Preparing for job interviews
  • Sourcing internships and work integrated learning opportunities

Best practice examples

Faculty of Arts and Social Sciences

Student in the final year of their Criminology course (CRIM3000) experience scenario based learning, through a flipped classroom experience, that builds on their online learning through a series of classroom activities designed to build the skills they will need to prepare job applications, attend interviews and build a successful professional network. The course includes an assessable component of writing a response to a selection criteria, and the flipped classroom approach provides an opportunity for students to practice their writing in class and receive feedback to improve their final submission.

Faculty of Science

During the BEES and BABS honours students induction weeks, a seminar focused on preparing graduates for employment on conclusion of their research project, focuses on exploring potential career options, building professional networks, tailoring their resume, creating cover letters and preparing for interviews.

Australian School of Business

As part of the Global Business Practicum subjects (COMM3020 and COMM3030) the Careers team deliver in course sessions to students to enable them to translate venture experience they have gained to their future career aspirations as well as debriefing students upon their return to assist them capture their achievements from the experience and communicate these to potential employers.