Send a targeted email

Contact our talent directly with an email from your organisation

Promote job opportunities, upcoming events and industry insights directly from your organisation. 

Create an employer profile: Sign up with Careers Online to create an employer profile. 

Know your audience: Be clear about who you would like to contact. Select course, major, session, year of completion, residency status and nationality and other specifications (subject to approval).

Don’t forget the detail: Make your message count by including all the relevant details and call to action to engage our students. 



Get an obligation free quote and we will help you refine your message.

Under 1,000 recipients: $1.50 per student
1,000 - 3,000 recipients: $1.20 per student
Over 3,000 recipients: $1.00 per student
(GST included)

We can turn around the send in 3 days, depending on availability but a longer notice would be great! 

Please allow 4 weeks for processing of invoice issuing.