Global Careers Week

Connect with our international student talent

Meet and connect with UNSW’s exceptional talent pool of over 20,000 international students. Attend presentations, workshops and gain insights from industry professionals and alumni panels. In 2018, over 2,300 international students attended and organisations including Expedia and HSBC. 

Make the most of the Week!

Stand out: Bring your banners, marketing collateral, giveaways and business cards to help leave a lasting impression. 

Pace yourself: Lots of students will want to talk to you throughout the week. Make sure you warm up your vocal cords and drink plenty of water.

Stay in touch: If you want to continue communications with our students' post-event, you will need to ask for their email address as we cannot provide these to you.

Campus Talk/Presentation - Provide information to students about your organisation and job opportunities. 

Industry Expert Talk -

Have an employee or UNSW alumni present on their specific role in your organisation to increase students’ awareness and interest in specific opportunities/areas within your organisation. If you are unable to travel but have staff in a Sydney office, this can be a good option. 

Sponsorship and promotion opportunities -

Online and in person advertising space will be available to give your brand maximum exposures to students throughout the whole week.



To be confirmed